tattoo of Lepus Timidus by ericailcane

blackgardentattoo: By Tutti Serra


I tattooed this rabbit and wolf on the top of Alexa’s hands. She didn’t even flinch …not once.

thank you Alexa for getting tattooed.


esse-est-percipi: finally got my bunny tattoo. thank you david from absolute! 

rabbitink: My dumb rabbit

nothingmattersbutlovee: My new tattoo. 


this was after my first hour sesh… Im sure it would of been a lot quicker if I didn’t faint, or at least not twice.

Last time I ever get inked with a monstaaa hangover.

Did howevzz get a free bottle of coke and a cock show off this hot guy.

davidguyart: Well out side of my normal choice of tattooing. But i had a blast.